Stronger Americano VS Flat White

Which is Stronger Americano or Flat White? Explained

Americano and flat white are two popular drinks, but which one is much stronger?

This question comes to the mind of coffee lovers who want to experience something new and different from the same plain coffee they have. However, they might want to know which one has a much stronger taste before they try it out.

While the Americano is a popular drink that has been with us for decades, the flat white is comparatively new. Nevertheless, it has seen an immense rise in its popularity in the last few years.

So, what are the differences between both these drinks? How can you make both of them at your home? And which is stronger: Americano or flat white? We’ll discuss all those things in this article to give you a better idea. Let’s get right into it!

What is a Flat White?

Flat White

A flat white coffee is an espresso-based drink that has a slightly thin layer of steamed milk on the top. It is quite the same as the latte since they have more or less the same taste and appearance.

However, there are a few differences that set them apart. For instance, a latte doesn’t have a thick layer of foam on top like flat white. Also, the flat white has less steamed milk than the latte.

There is no clear trail of the origin story of the flat white, with claims by baristas in New Zealand and Australia for the drink’s invention.

How can You Make Flat White? 

Making a flat white coffee is quick and easy. All you need is an espresso machine to make two shots of espresso. Next, you need to steam the milk to a temperature between 55°C and 65°C.

After heating the milk, you can add it to the espresso, and that is pretty much it. You’ll have a hot cup of flat white coffee within a few minutes.

What is an Americano?


Now that you know what a flat white is, then let’s move on to the Americano. It is also an espresso-based drink that contains either one or two shots of espresso. The purpose of adding hot water to the espresso is to dilute its strong flavour and bitter taste.

If you look at traditional espresso, it is too strong and small. Therefore, the hot water in the Americano does not only dilute the flavour but also increases the volume of the drink.

How to Make an Americano? 

One of the best things about the Americano is that it is the easiest coffee drink that you can make. All you need is an espresso machine to make the espresso shots. Then, simply heat the water and add it to the espresso.

You can vary the amount of water depending on how strong you like your coffee drink. If you want to get a caffeine boost from your Americano, then you should go for the double shot of espresso. It will increase the caffeine.

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Which is Stronger Americano or Flat White?

The Americano has a much more robust taste than the flat white. It is because of the usage of milk in the flat white to dilute the flavour of espresso.

Since the Americano uses hot water, it retains the strong flavour of the espresso shots. Here are some other factors that you need to know about both drinks.

Caffeine Content

Since the Americano is a stronger drink than the flat white, it has a relatively higher caffeine content. So, if you want a high caffeine intake to start your day or during a meeting, then the Americano is a more preferable choice.

Regardless of which drink you choose, it is best not to consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine in a day.

Coffee Beans

The coffee beans that you choose for both Americano and flat white are also important. Usually, the flat white is made from a lighter roast level compared to an Americano.

It is also a reason for the flat white to have a less strong taste than an Americano. Also, choosing the right brand for the coffee beans is important so you can get high-quality beans.

Brewing Accessories


The flat white is famous for its more subtle taste. On the other hand, the Americano has a bolder flavour. If you enjoy something creamy and light, then it is best to go for a flat white.

But, if you want something to energize yourself, the Americano is a more optimal choice. You can also add sugar to sweeten the flavour of the Americano. But we would suggest you consume it without making any alterations.


Though you can make both these drinks at home, people prefer grabbing them from their nearest coffee shop on their way to work. It is a more convenient option for them since it saves time. However, you might want to know what the Americano or the flat white will cost you.

The price of the flat white will be on the higher side since it requires expensive ingredients and different techniques to make.

As the primary ingredient in the flat white is micro-foam, which requires more time and skill to make, it will cost you more than an Americano. Nevertheless, you can easily make these drinks at your home without any hassle and save money.

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Key Takeaway — Americano or Flat White

With a clear idea of the Americano and flat white, it is time for you to choose the best one, depending on your taste and preference.

For people who want to enjoy a stronger taste but don’t want to be as strong as the traditional espresso, then the optimal choice is the Americano. But if you prefer something mellow, light, and creamy, make the flat white an integral part of your lifestyle.

Either way, you should give both coffee drinks a try. Once you experience the taste, flavour, and texture of both the Americano and the flat white, you can then decide which drink is ideal for you.


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