What is Cheaper, Instant Coffee or Ground Coffee?

How about if we told you that some people prefer drinking coffee to drinking water? Despite the fact that you would probably consider this absurd, it is somehow true.

According to a study conducted by Harvard, many people drink more coffee than water because they find it easier to stay hydrated that way. This statistic alone explains the level of obsession individuals have with coffee these days.

Coffee works best when you want to push yourself in the morning and brighten your attitude. But it also has many positive health effects; in fact, the high antioxidant content in it makes it one of the ways to avoid cancer.

People have made drinking coffee a habit, and as we all know, once a habit has been formed and is firmly entrenched, it can be difficult to break away.

Coffee Craze in Britain

Since the 17th century, the number of coffee lovers in the United Kingdom has graphed significantly. People have shifted gears to avoid other drinks and have cups of two or three coffees per day.

According to the British Coffee Association, over 98 million coffees are drunk every day across the country. With so much coffee being produced, it is estimated that this brings a contribution of over £17.7 billion to Britain’s economy.

Furthermore, it has been noted that the availability of coffee items, including coffee pods, has greatly grown. These numbers suggest how passionate coffee drinkers are in the UK.

An Affordable Coffee Solution

It is tough to adjust to the alternative of giving up coffee or reducing consumption if you drink it every day. However, you may easily adapt by picking an easy, reasonably priced coffee.

Instant coffee and ground coffee are the two methods considered affordable coffee choices. But what is cheaper instant coffee or ground coffee? Let’s find out!

Instant Coffee vs. Ground Coffee: Detailed Explanation

Instant Coffee vs. Ground Coffee

Before we discuss which coffee is more affordable, let’s quickly understand the concept behind these two types of coffee beans:

Instant Coffee

The most well-known type of coffee in the world right now is instant coffee. Nearly all supermarkets, homes, and offices with a group of coffee enthusiasts carry this particular coffee drink. Additionally, as the name implies, instant coffee is for those who need a quick fix of caffeine.

Making instant coffee is a quick and easy process. The beans are first ground, roasted, and brewed. The brewed coffee is later completely dehydrated, leaving behind dehydrated crystals. The final step involves making coffee once again by adding water.

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Ground Coffee

ground coffee

Since ground coffee is the most popular variety, it is always available in shops and cafés. Small bean particles are first ground using tools like grinders or food processors. Later, once they are grounded, they turn into grounded coffee.

So What is Cheaper: Instant Coffee or Ground Coffee?

Turkish coffee, Cappuccino, Cold coffee, etc., are just a few of the various varieties of coffee. They all have different pricing, but those prices are determined depending on a variety of things, including manufacture, material, packaging, and so on.

Similar price differences exist between ground coffee and instant coffee. The price can also be impacted by the type and quality of the beans, but the following criteria are mostly involved:

Instant Coffee vs. Ground Coffee: Manufacturing Method

As we discussed in the above section, the manufacturing processes of both instant and ground coffee are completely different. Ground coffee is prepared once they are grind and ground. On the other hand, instant coffee goes through a continual brewing, evaporation, and drying process.

You must have probably taken into account the lengthy, laborious procedure involved in producing instant coffee as a reason to value it more highly than ground coffee in terms of pricing. Well, that’s not the case every time because instant coffee can be made in huge batches as well. That means eliminating the extra expense and lowering the cost.

Instant Coffee vs. Ground Coffee: Packaging

Packaging is one of the factors that has a saying in the pricing of instant coffee and ground coffee.

Ground coffee typically needs large containers, which simply raises the cost because more resources are used in its production. However, instant coffee does not require sturdy packaging; hence, fewer materials are used, which ultimately drops the pricing graph.

Ultimately, it’s important to realise that instant coffee does not affect the price when it comes to packing, but ground coffee does.

So Which One is Cheaper?

If you’re a regular coffee drinker who lives in the UK and is trying to figure out what is cheaper between instant coffee and ground coffee, then instant coffee is your best bet.

Compared to ground coffee, instant coffee does not require coffee machines. Secondly, instant coffee is more affordable due to the beans used in its production.

Besides the product itself, the following are some additional factors that coffee drinkers can consider:

  1. In comparison to ground coffee, where you need coffee machines to ensure the best quality production, instant coffee requires boiled water to be ready and qualitative.
  2. Ground coffee takes time to brew, whereas instant coffee is quick.


Besides the fact that instant coffee is cheaper than ground coffee beans, still we recommend you buy ground coffee beans if you want to play with the flavours of your coffee. Plus, if you are someone who wants more caffeine content in your coffee, then ground coffee is for you.

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Wrap Up

With that said, instant coffee is cheaper than ground coffee because of the coffee beans utilised. Robusta coffee beans, which are far less expensive than Arabica beans, are typically used to manufacture instant coffee. Another reason instant coffee is less expensive than ground coffee is because you don’t require specialist coffee makers as you would with ground coffee.


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