what coffee beans to use for espresso machine

What Coffee Beans to Use for an Espresso Machine?

Are you wondering what coffee beans will go best with your espresso machine? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place because we have the answers right here for you. 

The choice of coffee beans for an espresso is a matter of personal preference followed by a certain checklist. While we could say that you can use any coffee beans for your espresso, that wouldn’t be entirely true. 

The brewing process of the Espresso is critical to ensure you enjoy the strong taste of your coffee. And for that, you need to choose the right types of coffee beans. 

So, what are the differences between dark and medium beans for espresso? How can you choose the best coffee beans? And what coffee beans to use for the espresso machine? 

Continue reading and we’ll answer all these questions to give you an idea about it. 

What Coffee Beans to Use for Espresso Machine?

different types of coffee beans

A quick answer is that you can use any coffee beans for an espresso machine, given that it has a proper fine grind. 

However, many people would beg to differ since they would prefer to use dark roast for the espresso due to its strong flavour. 

Is Dark Roast an Optimal Choice for Making an Espresso? 

Dark Roast coffee beans

Yes, you can use dark roast to make an espresso shot. In fact, many coffee enthusiasts prefer to use dark roasts since it offers them a much stronger and deeper flavour. 

Moreover, you can also go for the medium-dark roasts since they more or less have the same taste, regardless of the origin of the beans. It is vital to note that the dark roast will become oily much more quickly compared to medium roasts. 

But, you shouldn’t consider it negatively since oily coffee enriches the taste. A semiautomatic grinder would be more than enough to handle oily beans, but many super-automatic espresso machines wouldn’t be able to manage them. 

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Is Light Roast an Optimal Choice for Making an Espresso? 

coffee beans

Yes, surely! If you don’t prefer a stronger taste for your espresso, then you can go for a light roast to make one. 

For anyone who wants to experiment with their espresso by adding some flavours into the cup, the lighter roast is an optimal choice. 

It is a perfect option if you want a strong caffeine kick along with a thick and smoky crema on the top. You can add in cow or different nut milk to enrich its taste. 

Is Blend an Optimal Choice for Making an Espresso? 

Another option that we have on the table for making espresso is different blends. One of the best things about these blends is that you can afford to make mistakes with them and you can still enjoy a good shot of espresso. 

You’ll see most coffee shops work with different blends. The primary reason why coffee shops prefer blends is that they are relatively easy to use and help them bring an optimal taste for a cappuccino or a latte.

So what is the Best Ground Coffee for Espresso Machines?

An important thing to remember is that the coffee you put in your espresso machine should be a “fine grind.” It should have the same surface and look like flour. This way, your espresso shot won’t taste too dull. 

Getting an idea of how the coffee extraction process will allow you to understand the types of coffee grind. Extraction refers to getting out the flavour from the coffee by passing water through it. The water can be either hot or warm, depending on your personal preference.

The French Press also uses coarse grounds and resembles small wood chips. Excessively fine coffee will pass through the filter and end up filling your cup with irritating coffee pieces.

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Things to Consider When Buying Coffee Beans to Use for Espresso Machine

No matter what coffee beans you prefer for your espresso, there are a few things that you need to consider before buying one. It will ensure that you find the best coffee beans for your espresso shot. 

  • Check for Freshness: The first thing you need to do is check for the freshness of the coffee beans before purchasing one. You can check for the expiration date before buying one to ensure that you get the beans that are freshly packed and are not sitting on a shelf for some time. 
  • Go for Whole Beans: It is best to go for whole beans since they will stay fresh for a long time. Make sure you have a good coffee grinder at your home so you can ensure that the espresso is full of life. 
  • Buy in Small Quantity: Buying large quantities of coffee would go stale sitting in your pantry. So, you should go for smaller quantities and you can order it again once you feel like the coffee is about to end.
  • Go for a Dark Roast for a Sweeter Coffee: Most people prefer to enjoy a sweeter coffee. Therefore, the darker roast will be a suitable option for them.
  • Choose Coffee That Is Traceable: You should choose coffee from a brand that tells you about its origin. Not knowing the origin of the coffee means that it wouldn’t offer you good quality.

Wrapping Up 

Do you enjoy a morning espresso, but don’t want to stand in line at a coffee shop? Then, a home espresso machine is an optimal solution for your problem. You can make an espresso shot at your home without going through a lot of hassle and start your day on a good note. 

The espresso allows you to make a wide range of coffee drinks. You can either enjoy a hot cup of latte or a cappuccino before heading to work. Or if you want, just add hot water to it and enjoy a hot cup of Americano. 

Choosing the right coffee beans for your espresso machine will allow you to enjoy an amazing taste of your coffee!  

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