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Where can I Find the Best Specialty Roasted Coffee?

Speciality coffee gives you a unique and amazing experience when trying it at home. 

You can not only enjoy a rich, hearty flavour from your coffee, but also get an aftertaste of vanilla, cocoa, and much more! As an avid coffee lover, you’ll certainly love speciality roasted coffee for everyday drinks. 

It is an infusion of the caffeine boost along with a mixture of different flavours that make it a preferred choice for most people. 

So, what is speciality roasted coffee? And how can you get your hands on the best speciality roasted coffee available in the market? We’ll discuss all those things in this article to help you out. Let’s start by going over a brief overview of speciality roasted coffee and its history. 

What is Speciality Coffee? 

Speciality whole Coffee beans

Speciality-roasted coffee is any coffee that can get a score of 80 points out of 100 on the scale by a certified coffee taster Speciality Coffee Association (SCAA) or by a licensed Q Grader (CQI).

Simply put, it refers to coffee that comes from high altitudes, and the farmer handles it with a lot of care and attention. Next, it is passed on to the coffee traders at a premium price. Some framers also directly pass it to the roasters.  

The roasters and the coffee traders then make custom profiles for each flavour. As a result, it brings out the best of their natural flavours by enhancing and highlighting them. 

Coffee shops and baristas then utilise this high-quality coffee to make various beverages. They usually produce these beverages with care and precision using specific equipment.

History of Speciality Coffee

Speciality coffee has been around us for quite some time in different forms. While most people think speciality roasted coffee is a recent bandwagon, it dates back to as early as the start of the 20th century. 

High-end hotels and restaurants such as the Hotel de Crillon in Paris received orders from customers that their coffee should come from a particular farm in the selected areas of Guatemala.

The official use of the term “Speciality coffee” was during the 1970s, when famous coffee brands like Starbucks entered the market. These big brands had a critical role in helping make speciality roasted coffee a popular choice. 

Where can I Find the Best Speciality Roasted Coffee?

the Best Speciality Roasted Coffee beans

Due to technological advancements in the agricultural sectors as well as in the roasting brewing processes, customers can now access speciality coffee without any hassle. 

Nevertheless, choosing the right brand for your coffee needs is vital. That is where Kahwati comes into play. It offers you high-quality, speciality roasted coffee beans. 

Below are some of the top-notch products in the speciality roasted coffee category that you can easily get from the brand. 

Whole Coffee Beans – Dark Roast

Are you looking for a caffeine boost that comes with an infusion of the sturdy taste? Then, look no further because the whole beans from Kahwati are an exceptional choice. It gives you a strong flavour with a slight velvet touch. 

On top of that, the crema and the aroma are good enough to make your day! 

Along with the strong flavour, you’ll notice a slight aftertaste of brown sugar. Thus, it helps you get a less bitter feel than what you get from other brands. All these factors make it an ideal choice for an espresso-based beverage. 

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Whole Coffee Beans – Medium Roast

If you want something with a slightly less strong flavour, then go for the whole coffee beans that have a medium roast. It is rich in taste and can be an excellent choice for early-morning coffee.

The caffeine boost will help you get through your day and keep you refreshed and energised. You can pair it up with a cow, oat, almond, or any other type of milk to create a variety of drinks such as cappuccino, latte, etc. 

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Whole Coffee Beans – House Blend

Last but not least, we have whole coffee beans with the house blend. It is one of the best speciality roasted coffee that you’ll find in the Kahwati product line. With a simple touch of sweetness with slight notes of cocoa and toffee, this amazing coffee will allow you to make the best espresso!  

One of the things about this forgiving coffee flavour is that you can try out new things with it. So, if you are someone who has recently discovered coffee and wants to master the art of making a perfect cup of coffee, then you should try it out.  

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What Makes Kahwati Different from Other Brands? 

coffee beans

With so many brands out there, you might wonder why you should go for Kahwati. Well, there are a plethora of reasons that set us apart from the other players in the market. 

Firstly, we focus on giving customers the best quality coffee products to get their attention. We believe that the best way to retain customers is by providing them with exceptional services. 

Thus, we divert all our energy and resources into sourcing the best coffee for you. This leads us to our second point, which is sustainability. 

The world is rapidly moving towards sustainability, and as a brand, we aim to deliver environmentally friendly products. From our speciality roasted coffee to Nespresso-compatible pods and every other product, we focus on getting our coffee from farms that use ethical processes. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right brand for your speciality roasted coffee is vital since it will ensure that you get the best quality of coffee. Also, the brand you choose should offer a wide range of products to choose from so you can have more options. 

This way, it will be easier for you to find the best coffee items according to your preference. And you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle to find a coffee brand because Kahwati is here to fulfil all your coffee needs. 


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