Our Story

Our journey started with exploration. Extensive traveling throughout The Middle East proved coffee, as a drink wasn’t limited to the edges of the cup, or the lingering aftertaste. It was a tradition, a social instrument that brought friends and families together. The practices within the coffee industry on the other hand were not so homely.

We wanted to introduce the unique heritage and celebrated taste to a wider audience, backing our operations by responsible practice and fresh produce.  Kahwati Specialty Coffee is the only freshly made Arabian coffee in Europe, grounded daily in small batches in our roastery in London. Truly delivering the finest coffee experience.

Our Purpose

Kahwati Speciality Coffee est. 2019 was created to inspire excellence and satisfy all your coffee necessities. We see the process of brewing coffee as a ceremony and a long lasting heritage. Behind every cup of coffee is a meaningful experience.
Our grounding and blending techniques honour the finest Middle Eastern traditions and practices.

Our Mission

Coffee cultivation and trade began on the Arabian Peninsula where it gained popularity, subsequently making it’s way across the continent. Centuries later the practices within the coffee industry around The Middle East are not up to par, low quality coffee is roasted in large batches and left to dwell on shelves. Farmers are obliged to poor working conditions without receiving a proportionally fair pay.

We present a way to be a part of centuries-long traditions that is easy on your conscience. Our mission is to seek out the best coffees on Earth.

We buy the finest regional and single farmsourced coffees for coffee lovers who share in our quest for the ultimate cup!

Our Vision


Carbon neutral by 2024.

Charity partnerships coming soon!


We will continue to source from independent farms. Supporting local farmers and working together to maintain the highest quality standards for our coffee.


Transparet pricing

Fully recyclable product range and biodegradable coffee pods by 2024.


We are committed to 100% ethically sourced coffee from independent farms that is always Rainforest Alliance Certified, helping improve livelihoods and placing a strong emphasis on human rights, protecting landscapes and native forests.

Sustainability and mindful operations are at the core of every decision we make. We believe this is how every modern company should be run.

Core values

Striving for excellence

Providing consistently great flavour to satisfy your tastebuds. All our coffees are graded by coffee sommeliers and have a tasting score of 90+

Eliciting happiness

We find inspiration in trying to create moments of joy in day-to-day life, enabling people to make everyday connections and opening the door to new experiences.

Impacting society

We want to help people be happier by making a socially responsible coffee choice.

Our certifications

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