Step 1

Make sure the pack is coffee free! Kahwati coffee is made to enjoy up to the last tad.

Step 2

Cut off the top where the plastic zip sealer is located and take it out.

Step 3

Dispose of the pack and plastic sealer separately in your usual recycling bin.

Recycling our Aluminum coffee packs:

If the pack is empty just drop it in your recycling bin. Hassle free!

Recycling our coffee pods.

Our capsules are aluminium as this is currently the best solution for preserving the freshness, aroma and taste of our coffee.
This means they have to be emptied by hand before being placed in the recycling bin. Alternatively you can get an automatic pod recycler.
We are always looking for a more sustainable way and aim to make all our pods biodegradable by 2025. Nevertheless we will be joining the Podback initiative in the meantime.
Podback is a UK-wide, end-to-end, category-wide recycling programme for coffee pods.

Upcycling our coffee grounds:

1. Fertilise your garden
Coffee grounds contain many key elements essential for plant growth – iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Simply sprinkle the coffee grounds on soil surrounding your plants. Alternatively compost them for later use Compost containing high percentage of coffee grounds have been found to be most effective with fewest greenhouse gas emissions.
2. Replace your pricey coffee scrub.
Course coffee grounds are perfect for exfoliation. Simply mix with a little water or coconut oil to replace your store-bought scrub.
3. Neutralise odours
Place a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge to eliminate odours from spoiled or fragrant foods.

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