How to Make Americano Coffee at Home

How to Make Americano Coffee at Home? 6 Unique Ways to Try!

The Americano is a splendid drink that gives you the caffeine boost to carry out your day.

While the Americano was invented by the Americans, today it has become a popular drink in various parts of the world, including the UK. You’ll find the Americano is an integral part of the menu at the nearest coffee shops.

However, not everyone has the time to go to the coffee shop to experience this drink. In that case, you can make one for yourself at your home.

There are various ways that you can try to make a hot cup of Americano at your home. You can enjoy the same taste and won’t have to go all the way to a coffee shop.

In this blog, we’ll share how to make Americano coffee at home by using different ways. So let’s get started!

How to Make Americano Coffee at Home? 6 Different Ways

We will cover different ways to make an Americano — including ones that need an espresso machine, and ones that don’t. You can choose any one of them at your convenience.

How to Make Americano Coffee with Espresso Machine?

How to Make Americano Coffee with Espresso Machine

Making an Americano with an espresso machine is more than easy and would only take a few minutes. Here is what you need to do:

  • Heat the espresso machine for a few minutes.
  • Use the kitchen scale to calculate the quantity of coffee beans you need.
  • Grind the coffee beans into fine powdery form.
  • Put the coffee into the portafilter, place it in the espresso machine, and make your espresso shot.
  • Calculate how much water you need depending on your espresso’s strength.
  • Add the espresso into the hot water for a perfect Americano

An important thing to note is you need to add the espresso to the hot water. This way, you can enjoy a creamy foam on the top.

For more details on the recipe of Americano with Espresso, you can reference our detailed article by clicking HERE.

How to Make Americano without Espresso Machine?

How to Make Americano without Espresso Machine

Don’t have an espresso machine at home? Don’t worry, because we have another way to help you make an Americano without an espresso machine. The Moka pot is a great alternative for the espresso machine to make an Americano at your home. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Grind the whole coffee beans for your double shot of espresso.
  • Fill the lower chamber of the Moka pot with around (330 grams) of water.
  • Place the coffee into the basket. Remove the excessive coffee and avoid tamping it.
  • Put the Moka pot on the stove for a few minutes and let the coffee brew. In the meantime, you can heat around 3 to 4 ounces of water.
  • Open the top and check if the chamber is full of coffee. If not, then leave it on the stove for a minute or two.
  • Pour the hot water into a cup and then slowly pour the espresso over it.

And there you have it. A hot cup of Americano without the help of an espresso machine.

How to Make Americano with Instant Coffee?

how to make Americano with instant coffee

If you are someone who is a fan of making an iced Americano using instant coffee, then this is recipe is for you. You can follow the instructions below to make an iced Americano without too much trouble

  • Take 2 tablespoons of instant coffee of any brand of your choice into the glass.
  • Add some cold water and a sweet flavour if you want your Americano to have some sweetness.
  • Give it a slight stir and then top it up with some ice cubes.
  • Fill up the glass with cold water.

The iced Americano is an ideal drink to enjoy during the summer season. It can give you a refreshing feeling and is the best drink to kill the heat.

We’ve already prepared our detailed article on making an Americano with instant coffee, you can read by clicking HERE.

How to Make Americano Coffee with Nespresso?

How to Make Americano Coffee with Nespresso

If you are wondering whether you can make an Americano with your Nespresso machine, then the answer is easy. Simply follow the below few steps and enjoy a hot cup of Americano:

  • The first thing you need to do is take the right amount of water and heat it using a stovetop or electric kettle (remember you need around 3 ounces of water for a single shot of espresso.)
  • Add the coffee pods into your Nespresso machine to create a single shot of the process. Repeat the same process if you want a double shot of espresso.
  • Pour the boiling water over the espresso shots and enjoy your Americano.

Just like any other process, it is simple, easy, and quick. You don’t need a lot of equipment to make your hot cup of Americano.

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How to Make Americano with Milk? Quick Recipe!

How to Make Americano with Milk Quick Recipe

An Americano with milk only has additional milk as the top layer on the traditional Americano. It is a perfectly balanced drink which is neither as creamy as a latte nor as strong as espresso.

Here is how you can make one:

  • Grind the coffee beans extra fine.
  • Use the espresso maker to make your espresso shot.
  • Add the precise measurement of hot water into the espresso shot to make an Americano.
  • Top it with your milk but make sure to heat it for a few minutes before pouring it into your Americano.

Most people want to kill the bitterness in the Americano and the best way of doing so is by adding milk. Hence, it is known as white Americano.

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How to Make a Starbucks Americano?


Who doesn’t love Starbucks! If you are a coffee enthusiast and want the same flavoured coffee as you find in Starbucks, then follow the following steps:

  • Find high-quality coffee beans and measure them precisely.
  • Next, grind the beans into a fine powdery form.
  • Add the coffee into the clear and dry portafilter.
  • Place the portafilter into your espresso machine and prepare the espresso shot.
  • Boil the hot water until it reaches the temperature of 70 to 75°C.
  • Pour the hot water over the espresso.

Enjoy drinking a hot cup of Americano with the same taste and flavour that you’ll find at Starbucks!

For a detailed guide, read more HERE.

Wrapping Up

We hope you now have a clear idea about the different ways you can make an Americano at your home. Each of these processes is easy to follow and would only require a short time. So, try out this amazing espresso-based drink at your home today!


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