Mocha and Mochaccino

What is the Difference Between Mocha and Mochaccino: Explained in Detail!

Mocha and Mochaccino… both sound a bit similar, right? But, in reality, they are two different types of coffee drinks. This article will discuss in detail the difference between mocha and mochaccino. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll fully grasp how distinct both these coffee drinks are.

So, let’s get started!

What is a Mocha?


A mocha is essentially a latte drink. It is made with a combination of espresso shots, chocolate, and steamed milk.

Here, a ⅓ espresso shot is the base, to which ⅔ of steamed milk is added, followed by loads of chocolate. Also, a topping of cocoa powder or whipped cream is added if anyone fancies a bit more sweetness.

Mocha has different names. So, if someone asks, “Would you like a mocha latte/caffè mocha?” don’t be confused; they are simply offering a mocha.

Where did it come from?

The coffee bean known as “mocha beans” is how mocha got its name. These beans were discovered in the central Yemen mountains and transported via the city’s harbour, known as “Al Mokha or Mocha.” 

Many even claim that since mocha originated in the city port, its name is essentially derived from it.

Mocha beans are akin to other coffee beans, but their colour and flavour set them apart. It’s described as yellow-green in colour, and it tastes somewhat like chocolate. For this reason, it is understandable why mocha is typically referred to as a chocolate-flavoured coffee drink.

What is a Mochaccino?


A combination of mocha and cappuccino is what mochaccino is. This drink is similar to mocha—it includes espresso shots, steamed milk, and chocolate and cream as well. However, here, the inclusion of chocolate is the bare minimum. Typically, cocoa powder or chocolate syrup is sprinkled on the top, and that’s all the chocolate you get in mochaccino.

Where did it come from?

There are multiple tales about how mochaccino came to be. Some claim that the mochaccino was initially offered as a latte alternative in the United States of America in the 1990s. Some claim that it is an espresso-based beverage that was invented by coffee shops as a distinctive beverage to offer to customers.

In a short amount of time, mochaccino rose to popularity and is now available in all coffee shops and cafés around the world.

The Difference Between Mocha and Mochaccino

Let’s get into detail about the differences between mocha and mochaccino:

  1. Mocha is a coffee drink prepared with espresso shots, heated milk, and chocolate. On the other hand, mochaccino is a latte variation that includes chocolate in its making.
  2. Mocha offers more of a chocolatey flavour, whereas mochaccino offers a well-balanced taste of coffee and chocolate.
  3. In mocha, you get an additional topping of whipped cream, cocoa powder, or chocolate syrup. However, in mochaccino, your drink is only sprinkled with cocoa powder or chocolate syrup.
  4. Mocha has a history that tells us about its origin in the city port of Yemen, “Al Makha,” while mochaccino has no history; instead, it is only the most recent invention created by fusing mocha and cappuccino.
  5. Mocha is named after the mocha coffee found in the mountains of Yemen. On the other hand, mochaccino is named after mocha + cappuccino = mochaccino.
  6. In mocha drinks, chocolate syrup is typically used to add chocolate flavour, while in mochaccino, cocoa powder is used just to bring a balanced taste to the drink.
  7. Mocha is a strong chocolatey-flavoured drink, which is why in most countries, it is also known by the name of chocolate drink. With mochaccino, it has a very minimal amount of chocolate flavour, which just adds sweetness to the original espresso flavour.
  8. Mocha is usually thicker in consistency, while mochaccino has a thinner consistency– the same as a latte.
  9. Usually, a smaller cup is used to serve mocha. However, a tall-size glass is used for serving mochaccino.
  10. Mocha is made only with espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate syrup. However, mochaccino also includes a froth layer on top.

Which Coffee Beans are used in Mocha and Mochaccino?

So for brewing mocha, you can use mocha beans, which are today known as Arabica beans

As for mochaccino, the use of coffee beans can vary depending on the place, recipe, or preference. Normally, dark roast coffee beans are used in it, but you can go for medium roast coffee beans as well.

Does Quality of Coffee Beans Matter in Mocha and Mochaccino?

Whether it is mocha or mochaccino, the flavour of the drink is greatly enhanced by the quality of the beans. The better the use of quality beans, the better the taste. 

Hence, it is always important to use premium coffee beans for both drinks.

Where to Buy Quality Coffee Beans in the UK?

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Kahwati is one of the finest online coffee stores in the UK region. Their coffee beans are premium-quality and Rainforest Alliance (RFA) certified. 

Besides coffee beans, you can also shop for other coffee-related accessories from their website.

Note: If you need help finding the highest-quality coffee beans, refer to this article.

Can you make Mocha and Mochaccino at Home?


You can easily make a mocha or mochaccino at home using an Espresso Maker, AeroPress, or French press. 

Even if you don’t have any of the tools, you can still make both drinks using a saucepan. However, it is best recommended to use the tools for improved flavour.

Bottom Line

Mocha and Mochaccino are two popular coffee drinks that many people around the world enjoy. However, many people mistakenly believe that these two drinks are similar, while in reality, they are not.

In this article, we have discussed the difference between mocha and mochaccino in detail. Now that you understand the differences, it is certain you won’t mix up both drinks again.

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