Whole Beans Cheaper than Ground Coffee

Are Whole Beans Cheaper than Ground Coffee? Here’s the Answer!

Coffee is one of the drinks that enjoy a rich history. Today, it is the second most popular beverage which is expected to reach the $167.51 billion market by 2027.

In the past five years, the cost of coffee has gradually gone up. Meanwhile, the rate of consumption has risen consistently over time. This indicates that the price does not entirely influence coffee drinkers to give up the drink, even for a day. However, yes, it has certainly pushed many people to consume coffee while saving some money.

As we know, coffee can be brought in two ways: whole beans or ground beans. A portion of people prefers drinking whole bean coffee because it usually tastes fresh and is more aromatic than ground coffee.

But, since we’re talking about drinking coffee on a budget, the real question is: are whole beans cheaper than ground coffee? Let’s find it out in this article!

Are Whole Beans Cheaper than Ground?

If you are someone who believes that buying whole beans and grinding them at home will make your coffee less expensive, then you are mistaken. While there’s no denying that whole beans provide more flavour, freshness, and taste, the myth that they’re cheaper than ground coffee is untrue.

Whether you buy whole beans online or in person from coffee shops, you will notice their price tags to be slightly higher than ground coffee.

So, the answer is NO!

Why Whole Beans are Expensive?

a bowl of Whole coffee Beans

Now that you know whole beans are more expensive than ground coffee, you may be wondering why.

Yes, whole beans make excellent coffee, but that isn’t the only element in its high price tags. The following are some of the reasons to explain why whole beans are expensive:

  1. Whole beans are coffee beans in their purest form—full beans. In order to grind the beans and create freshly brewed coffee at home, you will require a coffee grinder. Without one, you might not be able to crush the beans and brew a coffee. Therefore, a coffee grinder is a must, and if you plan to buy one, the cost of whole bean coffee will naturally increase.
  2. Whole beans typically have a shelf life of two to three weeks. If more than that, they’ll start to lose their flavour and freshness. So, there is a risk of contamination, which necessitates fast delivery, but doing so raises the cost of shipping, which then in turn also drives up the cost of the whole beans.
  3. Ground coffee comes from a variety of sources (types and places), whereas whole beans come from just one source. This is one of the major reasons whole beans produce high-grade coffee drinks; and with high quality, it’s normal to expect a high price.

Why is Ground Coffee Cheap?

Ground Coffee in an spoon

Ground coffee or pre-ground coffee is basically whole beans that are first ground, packaged, and sent to the stores in bags and tins in powdered form. But there’s a catch: you can’t tell from the ground coffee if the beans that were crushed and transformed into powder came from a single source or not. Here, your only option is to believe what the company tells you in its advertisements.

Ground coffee tends to have less taste and flavour because the covering that protects the coffee’s component has already been ground into powder. The longer ground coffee is kept in the bag and at the store, the less flavour it will impart to your coffee. But if you come upon a bag that was just put in the shop, you’re in luck!

With ground coffee beans, you can certainly enjoy the convenience of drinking coffee instantly. But it is certainly impossible to replicate the flavour and quality of whole bean coffee; this is why ground coffee is less expensive than whole-coffee beans.

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Whole Beans or Ground Coffee: Which One to Choose?

The decision between whole beans and ground coffee simply comes down to the need. For instance, buying whole beans is the ultimate choice if you want to experience the entire taste, aroma, and flavour of a cup of coffee. However, in order to fully enjoy the quality of the whole beans, you must have a grinder to quickly grind the beans and brew a fresh cup of coffee.

On the other hand, ground coffee is the ideal option if you prefer instant coffee, especially early in the morning before going to work. No need for a grinder as you can simply brew the coffee by adding the blend and water into a pot and bringing it to a boil.

Ground coffee is also the best prick if you are more likely to want a budget-friendly coffee drink over a high-quality one.

Where to Buy Whole Beans and Ground Coffee?

Many online coffee shops accept orders and deliver whole beans and ground coffee. One of the UK’s top online coffee shops is Kahwati. You can easily place an order through their website here, and you’ll be delivered a recycled package with a resealable design that ensures the beans inside stay fresh for a longer period of time.

In addition to online, whole beans and ground coffee are also available on the shelves of coffee shops and commercial shops. However, make certain you are purchasing the package that was just put on the racks.

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Whole beans are ground coffee both have their own benefits and drawbacks. For many people, whole beans are the best choice for brewing coffee because they offer more taste, flavor, and quality. Whereas, for others, ground coffee is the best as it makes one or two cups of coffee very instant. Ultimately, it all comes down to preference.

However, in the debate of price, and “are whole beans cheaper than ground”, if you are still reading, you know we already have the answer to the question.


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